Quintetto per fl.cl.vl.vc.pf. (2010)

Quintetto, per flauto, clarinetto, violino, violoncello e pianoforte (2010)
Edizioni Sconfinarte

Divided in 10 moments with several varied returns of the main ideas, this piece revolves around the note D. This note acts as a protagonist in a theatrical play, performs different roles, sounds in different manners and crosses diverse textures, including microtones and altered timbric landscapes. The other protagonist of the piece is a particular scale used to built various musical scenes the main of which is a mensural canon that occurs twice. The piece unfolds itself throughout moments of density and rarefaction: contrappunctual textures showing clear melodic fragments contrast with moments of blurred and suspended sonority that emerge from the complex timbric possibilities offered by mixing wind multiphonics and piano string (in)harmonics. All this creates a narrative tension in which the recurrence of the mentioned protagonists eventually helps the listener in finding his path toward musical form and sense. 

© Sergio Lanza 2011